El Quetzal is the premier cafe, restaurant, and bar in Mindo. We offer a variety of dining options, all made from the freshest ingredients possible. Our recipes draw on local Ecuadorean cuisine and the diversity of fruits and vegetables available in the region, many of which come straight from our two-acre organic garden. 

The connection between our kitchen and our chocolate factory influences many of our culinary decisions. Having fresh cacao and fresh chocolate available has inspired us to create a variety of chocolate-themed dishes, from barbecue sauces, to lava cakes, to chocolate martinis. 

We are happy to accommodate large groups and also offer the option to place an order before embarking on the chocolate tour. Separate menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are offered in a setting where you'll feel comfortable taking your time to enjoy the view and relax.

Don't miss some of our specialties: house-made ice cream, ginger beer, ginger ale, fresh-roasted coffee, and our world-famous brownies.